Dog in Waiting Room

Pet Diagnostics

Since pets can’t speak for themselves, we have in-house tools that do the talking for any potential issue that you pet may be having. At Faulkner Animal Hospital, we employ several diagnostic tools to give our patients the best care possible. We use tools such as an in house laboratory, in-house pharmacy, digital x-rays, electrocardiography, OFA x-rays, tonometry, and ultrasound.

Annual Testing is Recommended for Pets

With your pet aging much faster than you do, seemingly healthy pets can have issues quicker than we realize. Blood, urine, and fecal testing help us find information that is essential to their health which may be otherwise undetectable.

We recommend yearly blood and fecal screens to check for parasites and diseases as part of our commitment to preventive care in our community. Early disease detection is vital for maintaining your pet’s health and averting potential future issues.

Dog and Veterinarian Holding Stethoscope