Cardiology Services in Lancaster

Cardiology is the branch of veterinary medicine that deals with your pet's heart and blood vessels, also known as the cardiovascular system. Since your pet's lungs and heart function together, our veterinarians are also knowledgeable in diseases of the lungs and chest cavity. Hypertension (high-blood pressure), heart failures, irregular heart beats (arrhythmias), disorders of heart valves, and cardiomyopathies (both dilated and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) are issues that we look for in cardiology.

Although heart disease can be very serious for your pet, many conditions can be managed with early detection and diagnosis. We will work with you to treat and manage and your pet's cardiac condition and allow your pet to continue to have a long and quality life.

heart dog paw holding hands


Faulkner Animal Hospital utilizes electrocardiography to diagnose heart disease in pets. Electrocardiography involves placing electrodes on your pet and measuring the electrical activity of their heart. This tool helps us monitor the function of your pet’s heart and come up with a treatment plan.

If you suspect that your pet has a heart condition, rest assured that your pet is in good hands with the team at Faulkner Animal Hospital.