Saturday Schedule Update

Due to a recent decrease in pet care needs on Saturdays here at Faulkner Animal Hospital, we will be making a change to increase efficiency. As of Saturday, May 6, we will only have one doctor working Saturdays instead of the two doctors we’ve had on hand in the past. This obviously decreases the number of patients we can see on Saturdays, but with this recent trend, we don’t anticipate any issues.

Based on our caseload each Saturday, we will place priority on our current clients with sick pets first. With the time allotted beyond that, we will care for patients with routine, non-emergency needs. Technician appointments that do not require a doctor’s attention (vaccines, anal glands, screening bloodwork, etc.) will remain the same.

We encourage you to schedule annual check-ups and multiple pet visits during the week. The doctor on staff will determine when our schedule is full for the day; at that point, we will not take any further patients. At this point in time, we will not be able to have a doctor’s visit for non-clients (those who have had no routine exam within the past year) on Saturdays.

We hope you will be patient with us as we strive to adjust our doctors’ workload while continuing to care for your pets. Once we are fully staffed again, we will be able to have more staffed doctors on Saturdays and see more animals. In the meantime, please note that this schedule is new for everyone and may change again. Thank you again for your patience and cooperation as we navigate these circumstances.